During your stay on the island do not forget to try:

  • The tender octopus of Oinousses with its chewy texture.
  • Greens pies, with wild greens of the island.
  • Bourekia, with stuffed greens and cheese.
  • The local handmade pasta.
  • The trachana of the island also known as chondros.
  • Tambourine meatballs / tambourokeftedes, which include yellow pumpkin and greens.
  • The stuffed squid.
  • The pilaf with limpets (sea molluscs).
  • The local soft cheese, grilled mastelo.
  • Keremezi, ie cheese with yogurt.
  • The local honey
  • The red wine of the local vineyards.


During your stay on the island do not hesitate to visit by boat from the port of Oinoussa the deserted islands of the complex that hide unique beauties. The pristine natural landscape, the clear blue waters and the unique unexplored seabed of the area will offer you an unforgettable experience.


Holy Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin: Walking to the west of the island, the visitor-worshiper has the feeling that he is approaching Mount Athos. A sanctuary and spiritual refuge emerges in front of him, arriving at the Monastery of the Annunciation. The Monastery has been built since 1962 in a unique location.

Apart from the spiritual part, the visitor can admire the unique hagiographies of Fotis Kontoglou and many other relics and items of worship that decorate the Monastery. At the same time, you can visit the weaving workshop of the Monastery that produces unique handmade fabrics.

Agios Nikolaos: the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos is located in the centre of the settlement. It is a temple symbol for the inhabitants of the island, since it is their patron Saint. It is worth visiting for its unique hagiographies as well as to see and worship part of the Holy Relic of Agios Nikolaos that is kept inside the church.


Naval Museum of Oinousses: The naval museum can easily be described as a jewel for the island as it includes great exhibits of modern and at the same time great naval history of the place. The museum was founded in 1965 and includes in the great and rare collection, unique in the whole of Greece of Antonis Laimos, made by French prisoners of the English after the Napoleonic Wars. The museum also exhibits nautical instruments, paintings by the seafarer Aristides Glykas, old photographs, shipwright tools, a collection of weapons from the 18th and 19th centuries and sculptures from the geometric period (1050 BC-700 BC)

Chalkini Gorgona / Bronze Mermaid: At the entrance of the port on a rock is an important sculpture for the locals, a bronze mermaid holding a crown and a sailboat in her left hand. This sculpture is known as the statue of Oinoussiotissa, since it is the work of the sculptor Maria Papakonstantinou and is dedicated to the mythical creature of the seas and the eternal companion of sailors.

Monument of the Invisible Sailor: in Navtosini Square is the Monument of the Invisible Sailor that mentions the names of the sailors of the island who were lost in the seas.

Cultural Center “George Chr. Lemos »: Do not forget to visit the spiritual center of the island which is housed in the old primary school and today operates as a cinema.

Merchant Marine Αcademy: the island has a Merchant Marine Αcademy which is located in the port since 1965.


As genuine islanders, the people of Oinoussa organize festivals and events on every occasion with plenty of dancing, food and drink.

The most important festival of the island is the one in honor of Agios Nikolaos on December 6 every year, where the navy, the port corps and the army participate.

Every year on the day of the feast of Agios Georgios in the chapel of Agios Georgios a big festival takes place.

On the 15th of August in Oinoussa the custom of the burial of the Virgin Mary takes place and big festivals follow in the chapels of Agia Irini and Agios Georgios.

Mainly in the summer, various theatrical performances, sports events, music nights, exhibitions and events that highlight the customs and traditions of Oinoussa take place at the island’s stadium.


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