Every two years the Panhellenic History and Culture Conference of Orestiada is held in the city of Orestiada, by the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of the Democritus University with the participation of a significant number of academics and not only from Greece and abroad.


On the banks of Arda there is a bird sanctuary that has been declared a Special Protection Zone by the NATURA 2000 Network. The area is home to species of woodpeckers (Dendrocopos syriacus), night ravens (Nycticorax nycticorax), langoustines (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) and ospreys (Lanius minor).

In Pentalofos, it is worth visiting the largest wild animal farm in Greece, Eurotherama. There you will observe roe deer, wild boars, hares, deer, partridges which reproduce and increase their numbers in this area, thus enriching the habitat.


During your stay in the area, don’t forget to taste the local dishes such as: couscous, Thracian red trachana, umach (porridge with milk, eggs and flour), ifkadia (local hand-made noodles), hand-made traditional pies, hand-made frozen sheet, forest fruit jams (chapourno and krano), bibiritsa (type of seasoning), ricelli (local sweet with pumpkin and honey).


North-east of the village of Rizia in the Chaia area, remains of an Iron Age settlement (1600 – 600 BC) as well as findings from the Septimius Severus Era (193-211 AD) have come to light.

Three tombs have been discovered in the village of Krio. The first at the Simadi location, the second at the Dikon-Dilofou intersection and the third at the Mavra Chomata location.

In the village of Pentalofo, after excavations, ruins and objects of ancient culture have come to light, including coins with the Greek alphabet that prove the economic relations that the Thracians had developed with the Athenians and other Greeks.

Tomb of Mikri Doxipara – Zonis: Roman burial monument of the 2nd c. A.D. very close to the villages of Zoni, Mikri Doxaria and Helidona.


In the village of Patali it is worth visiting one of the few preserved post-Byzantine churches, that of Agios Nikolaos. It is one of the oldest religious monuments in the area and one of the most historic buildings in northern Evros.

In the Church of the Taxiarchs in the village of Rizia, the historical image of Archangel Michael the Taxiarch, given by the Greeks of Andrianoupolis to the Riziotes in 1815, is kept.


In the city of Orestiada, a road race “ORESTIS” is held. In this event there are routes of different distances with the participation of hundreds of runners.


Historical and Folklore Museum of Nea Orestiada: The museum located in the town of Orestiada includes exhibits of the refugee history of the residents from their life in the old town, their persecution and their settlement in the new town.

Folklore Museum of Nea Vyssa

Stone Museum in Petrota: In the village there is a small stone museum which exhibits old millstones.

Folklore Museum in Ptelea: In Ptelea, a Folklore Museum operates in the building of the old primary school.


In the summer in the city of Orestiada, the music festival of Arda takes place in which well-known Greek and foreign artists participate.

Every December there are Christmas events known as “Angelon Fos” (Angels’ Light) in the center of the city of Orestiada.

In the village of Ampelakia, a festival dedicated to Agios Panteleimon is held every year on July 27.

In Neo Chimonio there is the custom of Bobosiaris which has its roots in the Dionysian events and goes back to the years of the Turkish rule. The custom is revived every year on the second day of Christmas. In particular, they put a large sheepskin on BOMBOSIARIS, blacken his face and gird him around the waist with small and large bells, so that when he walks or jumps he makes a lot of noise.

In the village of Palli every Fifteenth of August a festival is held in the village church dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin.

In the temple of Zoodochos Pigi in the village of Arzos, a festival is held every year on the day of the feast.

Two big festivals are held in Komara. That of Agia Kyriaki on July 7 with plenty of traditional food, drink and music. And of Agios Dimitrios on October 26.

In Kyprinos, every year on August 6, the day of the feast of the Savior, events and festivals are held.

Every year on August 22-23 the THEOTOKIA takes place in the village of Fylakio. These are musical events with the participation of well-known Greek artists.


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