Poros offers the visitor the opportunity to be trained and to live the experience of divers. In particular, he can try with the help of experts Scuba diving, free diving, diving for certified divers, snorkelling.


  • Experience the rich seabed of Poros and acquire the knowledge regarding the various techniques and secrets for the ideal fishing.
  • Fish in the clear blue waters of Poros, together with the experienced species.
  • With a rod you will fish tuna, trolls, pike, melanuria.
  • With a vertical you will fish hanos, bass, lithrinia, sargos.
  • With nets you will fish red mullets, cod, belly, scorpions.
  • With longline you will fish fagria, litrinia, ribs, sterile, sargos.


  • Enjoy Greek flavors and local cuisine in one of the dozens of restaurants and taverns on the island.
  • Try the flavors of Poros by ordering the traditional mussels, saganaki and sardines stuffed with lemon, lemon blossoms in vine leaves. If you are a lover of sweets, all you have to do is try the Poros macaroons.


  • The island of Poros has idyllic areas for walking all year round, combining the turquoise waters of the Saronic Gulf with the lush pine landscape.
  • On the island there are hiking groups that make year-round hiking trails along the island’s paths, in the forests and in nature, which were used by the locals to move to different areas in the early 20th century.
  • Visitors can tour the beautiful paths of the island, which are interconnected, starting from Poros and ending at the Temple of Poseidon lasting 30 minutes.



  • On the deep blue beaches of the island, the visitor of all ages has the opportunity to carry out activities such as water sports, jet ski, parasailing, tubes, banana tubes, water ski, windsurfing, wakeboard, kneeboard, air chain etc.
  • The experience from the sea tours around the island by boat will be unforgettable for the visitor. During the sea trip, a visit is made to organized and non-organized beaches, where the visitor can admire the historical and impressive sights of the island, but also to pass through the uninhabited islands of Daskalio and the rocky islet of Petra.


  • The historic Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is located 4 km east of the city of Poros. Its creation dates back to 1720 by the then Archbishop of Athens, Iakovos II. During the Greek Revolution the Monastery contributed to the material and moral field. At the same time, important figures of the Revolution, naval warriors and captains, including Miaoulis, Tombazis, Boudouris and Apostolis, often visited the Monastery to regain strength. In 1828 in the Monastery was founded by Ioannis Kapodistrias, Governor of Greece, the first orphanage of the nation, which housed the 180 orphans of the warriors of the Revolution. The visitor today observes the Temple, which is a royal type with a dome with a tower-like bell tower and its construction is an example of island monastic architecture. Also, noteworthy is the precious wood-carved iconostasis, made in Cappadocia of Central Asia in the 17th century with a height of 5 meters. Also impressive is the wood-carved iconostasis, the episcopal throne and the icon of Panagia Zoodochou Pigi (1855). In the pronaos there are the tombs of Admirals Tombazis and Apostolis.
  • The church of Agios Georgios is located in the central settlement of Poros, near Roloi. This is the metropolitan church, built in 1861, which is adorned with magnificent frescoes.
  • Other important churches are those of Saints Constantine and Helen and the Annunciation of the Virgin.


  • Annual sports events are held on the island with the participation of hundreds of interested. Specifically, triathlon, aquathlon, swimming and road races take place.
  • At the same time, throughout the stay of each visitor on the island, he has the opportunity to exercise in one of the gyms that it has.
  • Rowing routes in combination with the enclosed sea and the green landscape guarantee an unforgettable sports experience for the visitor.




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