The morphology of the soil on the island offers the possibility for the climbers to visit Telendos. The only rock of the island, at the top of Rachi, with the shaped climbing fields, is ideal for climbing. The weather conditions from March to May and from September to December, help the lovers to climb Telendos.

In Telendos you will find “single rope” climbing fields, 20-35 m high, of medium difficulty and alpine routes, “multiple ropes”.


The underwater wealth of the island helps diving enthusiasts to explore the seabed and the sunken state of Telendos.

After the strong earthquake of 535 AD, where the Kalymnos-Telendos strait was created, the sunken ancient state is visible even from the mainland. You will see the sunken houses from the settlement of Telendos, where the boats moor, from Paradise beach, too, to the right of “On the Rocks”.


In the fish taverns of the island you can taste fresh fish from the fishermen of the island and other traditional tastes.


The visitor and the lover of hiking can discover the ancient monuments of the island and the picturesque Aegean churches following the paths of Telendos.

From the settlement, following the dirt paths and the signs, you will reach the hill where you will see the ruined Byzantine Castle and the Byzantine church of Agios Konstantinos. The view from this point is impressive.

Hiking routes of the island are also to the Early Christian Basilica of St. Basil, the Early Christian Basilica of the Holy Trinity, the Baths and the Early Christian Necropolis at Tholaria with the vaulted tombs.

The path that starts from the settlement to the church of Agios Georgios, built on a rock, is another option for hikers.


Plenty of remains from the late Roman period, such as baths (hot), olive mill, are found mainly on the east coast of the island, between the large early Christian basilicas, near the present settlement.

West of the place “Tholaria” or “Pefki” with the above-ground tombs, the place of an ancient theater is placed.

On the imposing and steep hill of Agios Konstantinos with the fortified Byzantine settlement, located on the northern slope and around the middle of “Rachi”, at an altitude of about 120 m, there are remnants of an outpost.


At On the Rocks beach the visitor can engage in water sports.

At the same time, a sea taxi (boat) makes the tour of the island, where the visitor can observe the beautiful natural landscape of Telendos as well as the idyllic Aegean sunset.


The island of Telendos is an ideal destination for those who want to have their wedding, in a more idyllic place away from the lights. Specifically, the church of Agios Georgios, on the rock above the sea, overlooking the sunset, is ideal for your wedding moment.


Festival on August 14, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in the church of Zoodochos Pigi and Festival in Agios Konstantinos on the day of its feast on May 21.


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