Gastronomic tourism: During your stay on the island you must try local dishes, such as tomato meatballs and the traditional sweet bouche.


Hiking Tourism: Despite its small size, the island has several hiking trails. The most important are the following:

Agrilia – Christos – Old mines: Walk through the old mines which are the most important archaeological site of the island.

Korfos – Manolas: Stone-paved path that connects Manolas with the port of Corfu.

Manolas – Kommates – Ai Giannis – Manolas: A short and circular route around Manolas with a captivating view towards Caldera and Korfos.

Manolas – Potamos – Agrilia – Manolas: Circular route that connects Manolas with the settlement of Potamos and the ruined Agrilia with the caves.

Manolas – Prophet Elias – Kera – Panagia Monastery (Monastery of the Assumption): Hiking route that connects Manolas with the chapel of Prophet Elias, the uninhabited village of Kera. Then it reaches the monastery of Panagia which is built on the promontory of Trypitis at the southernmost point of Thirasia.

Riva – Manolas: This is the “road” that connected Riva with Manolas until the middle of the previous century. The route is smooth with a small uphill course between dry rocks.


The most important archaeological site of the island is the old mines in the Kimina area, near Agrilia.

At the southern end of the island around the monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin, in recent years, ruins of Proto-Cycladic and Middle-Cycladic settlements have come to light.


The volcano of Santorini with its unique geological interest, created ideal soil for the creation of vineyards, both in Thira and Thirasia.

Don’t forget during your stay on the island to try the unique wine of Thirasia included in the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) wine zone of Santorini.


Feasts & Festivals: On the island of Thirasia, several festivals are held mainly on the occasion of religious holidays, as the island has a total of 21 churches and chapels.

  • Biggest festivals are on the fifteenth of August in Kera,
  • Of Panagia Yatrissa on September 21 in Potamos.
  • The Transfiguration of the Savior, in Agrilia on August 6.
  • Of Agios Spyridon on December 12, in Potamos
  • Of Agios Ioannis on June 24, in Manolas.

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