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When it comes to choose Greece as your travel destination, you need to know all the useful information about your stay, the places you must visit and the activities you can enjoy. This is what inspired us to create FEELHELLAS. It is a brand new project with the purpose to promote Greece from every angle as a tourism destination. To achieve this goal, we are willing to collaborate with the people who want to promote their accommodations or any other local business or product.

Our name

[Φιl-εllάς] noun

[Φιl – Φίλος – Friend eng]
[Φιl – Φιλῶ ancient greek (verb) – Love eng]
[Φιl – Feel eng]

[ελλάς – Hellas – Greece eng]

P.S.: For the lovers of Greece

All that matters to us is make the process of searching your accommodation much easier and enjoy in this way your stay in Greece.

No matter which is the reason for your staying in Greece, either rest or business, we are here to inform you about the options you have for any kind of accommodation you are seeking for, the places you can visit and the experiences you can live.

You will undoubtedly feel the uniqueness of hellenic philoxenia during your staying at the city, by the sea or on the mountains. There is a variety to choose between hotels, apartments, rooms, villas, hostels, campings, guest houses and holiday homes all around Greece.

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