Three days off on October 28 - where you can go

1. Pelion

Pelion, the “Mountain of the Centaurs”, has countless traditional villages for you to explore. Makrynitsa and Portaria are the closest villages to Volos, while it is worth visiting and enjoying your walks in Milies and Vyzitsa with their mansions and guesthouses. Tsagarada will fascinate you with its view of Aegean, its flowing waters, its dreamy forest, its stone-built cobblestones and the centuries-old plane trees that decorate its square, as well as Zagora with its wild vegetation and the view of its beautiful Aegean beaches. Argalasti and Lafkos, have a special beauty with the olive groves and the view of the closed bay of Pagasitikos. While in Pelion, don’t forget to get on its train for a unique ride from Ano Lechonia to Milies.

2. Arachova

The mountainous town of Boeotia, on the southern slopes of Parnassos, at 950 meters, is a popular autumn and winter destination, due to the ski center and the short distance from Athens (153 km). You can enjoy walks among the fir trees from Arachova to Agoriani or with a view of the sea, in Delphi with its unique archaeological site.

3. Nafpaktos

One of the oldest cities in Greece, with its immense natural beauty, the picturesque city of Etoloakarania, deserves to be on your next excursion list. The Venetian port, the castle that “stands” proudly and is the star, the cobbled streets and the traditional houses, make Nafpaktos stand out and steal the heart of every visitor.

4. Mainalo

The mountainous Arcadia, with the incomparable picturesqueness of the Peloponnese, includes the villages of Mainalos, Dimitsana, Vytina, Lagadia, Karytaina, Stemnitsa, all of which possess indescribable beauty and take every visitor on a journey back in time. In Stemnitsa (220 km from Athens and only 45 from Tripoli), it is worth visiting the Lousios Gorge and hiking from the square of Stemnitsa, from the Menalon Trail, the first certified with European standards (LQT) trail in Greece and the tenth in Europe. Don’t miss to visit the monasteries of Agios Ioannou Prodromos, Panagia Filosofou and Zoodochos Pigi and the fir forest of Mainalo.

5. Kalavrita

The small mountain town of the Prefecture of Achaia (just two hours from Athens), in the Aroania Mountains (Chelmos) at an altitude of 735 meters, satisfies every traveller with its slopes surrounded by fir trees, the Cave of the Lakes with its 13 tiered lakes, the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the Great Cave, the steep and captivating Vouraikos gorge on the cog railway route that starts from Diakoptos station, the plane tree forest of Planeteros and the ski resort of Helmos. You can take your walk to Zarouchla on the other side of the mountain, while nature with its unspoiled beauty will surely rejuvenate you.

6. Plastiras Lake

The artificial lake of Karditsa, the jewel of the Thessalian Plain, has a unique landscape. Arriving at the lake, you can go around it by bike or four-wheel drive on a dirt road, to enjoy the scenery with the high green mountains. Around the lake are wonderful villages, such as Neochori with the best view of the lake.

7. Elati-Pertuli

Elati is a traditional village with only one road, with houses right and left in the heart of the forest. Following the narrow mountain road through dense fir forests, idyllic clearings and the Pertoulio meadows, you will end up in Pertouli. All this colour palette of the route composes a unique painting.

8. Zagorochoria

In Zagori, with the first rains and the chimneys of the stone houses “blowing out”, the fog covering the steep ravines of Vikos, the plane trees on the banks of Voidomatis and the wild grasses on the centuries-old stones of Skala tou Bradetos, you will see a breathtaking mountain destination. Zagori, an area in Pindos mountain range in Epirus, consists of 46 traditional villages, the Zagorochoria, with stone bridges, picturesque houses, rich vegetation and rivers. More touristic are Megalo and Mikro Papigo, where you will see the unique natural pools between them, Aristi and Vikos, while the villages of central and eastern Zagori such as Vitsa, Monodendri, Tsepelovo and Kipoi are quieter. Enjoy your excursion with a walk to Gyftokambos.

9. Tzoumerka

For mountain lovers, Tzoumerka is the ideal destination for the three days. The bridge of Plaka that joins the banks of the Arachthos and in the background the peaks of the Athamani Mountains that create a unique complex shock the visitors. The stone-built and picturesque villages of Kalarites and Sirako will amaze you.

10. Kerkini Lake

In central Macedonia, a breath away from Thessaloniki, the artificial lake Kerkini, in the prefecture of Serres, is a national park with various mammals and birds in the area. In the northwest are its picturesque villages with their unique beauty, so you can take a breath from the routine. Take your boating and enjoy mountain climbing and hiking to banish all negative thoughts. The view, moreover, will seduce you.

11. Meteora

Nature has undoubtedly flourished in the area, creating a monument of indescribable beauty with the imposing cliffs of Meteora (it is no coincidence that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The paleolithic rocks that “float”, the autumn vegetation and the Byzantine monasteries with their unique relics and frescoes on the steep cliffs of Meteora between the rocks and the sky, compose a magical and at the same time shocking scene. At the foot of Meteora lies the town of Kalambaka and the traditional village of Kastraki with its traditional guesthouses.


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