10 + 1 enchanting beaches of mainland Greece

1. Mylopotamos, Pelion - Prefecture of Magnesia

The blue-green and clear waters of the beach, the pebbles and the exotic green landscape with tufted pines create a unique sight, while the imposing rocks divide the beach in two and walking between them, you will find yourself on the second beach.

2. Alonaki - Prefecture of Preveza

How much beauty can a small cove hide, near the village of Ammoudia? This picturesque landscape is composed of the blue and green color of the water, the sand and pebbles around the coast, the rocky seabed and the islet that stretches in front of the beach.

3. Bela Vrakas, Sivota - Prefecture of Thesprotia

The beach connects Sivota with the islet of Mourtemeno with a narrow strip of land, which is why you can visit it on foot, passing through the sea. The pink color of its sand indicates that it is one of the most unique beaches in Greece.

4. Kourouta - Prefecture of Ilia

Just 3km from Amaliada you will find this beautiful sea, which is awarded the Blue Flag every year.

5. Sarakiniko, Parga - Prefecture of Preveza

This fairytale beauty also hides a legend, according to which the name of the beach comes from the Saracen pirates, who sought refuge there after a sudden summer storm that destroyed their boat. White pebbles, golden sand, enchanting turquoise waters and an olive grove at the back make the beach stand out.

6. Karavostasi - Prefecture of Thesprotia

A huge coastline with golden sand, colorful pebbles and deep blue waters opens up before your eyes. The frozen waters of the Paramythiotis river end at the beach, while following the path through the tufted pine forest that surrounds it, you will find yourself in the archaeological site of Dymokastro.

7. Mega Drafti - Prefecture of Thesprotia

Not one, not two, but three beaches, depending on what you prefer. The only thing that is certain is that the view with the fantastic emerald waters, the all-white pebbles and the green vegetation will enchant you.

8. Kavourotrypes - Prefecture of Halkidiki

In the past, Karavotrypes (Crab Holes) were little known, mainly to the locals, being a shared secret, a refuge that only a few knew about.

On the eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula is this cluster of beaches. Their exotic beauty is due to the small coves hidden behind a green pine forest, the white sandy beaches with the crystal turquoise waters and the white rocks with the thick pine trees that reach the sea. This small paradise on earth is complemented by the view towards the imposing Mount Athos.

9. Achlada - Prefecture of Halkidiki

On the shores of Sarti, on the second leg, you will encounter the successive coves that start from a small natural harbor for boats and lead to this exotic paradise with deep blue waters. They have fine sand and a unique view that will reward you.

10. Armenistis - Prefecture of Halkidiki

On the second leg, the golden sand that stretches for kilometers, the turquoise waters and the pine tree, full of dense vegetation, exotic scenery make up the magic of the beach. Every year it is awarded with the Blue Flag.

11. Ammolofi (Sand dunes) - Prefecture of Kavala

At 14 km from Kavala and 2 km from the area of Nea Peramos you will find the beach, which is divided into three parts: the first, second and third Ammolofos. It has fine sand with crystal clear blue waters and will make you feel like you are on some exotic beach.


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