Top Greek Gastronomic Destinations

1. Corfu

Cosmopolitan Corfu is not only a princess in beauty, due to its distinct cantonments, fortresses, palaces and beaches, but also in tastes. Do not miss to try the famous Corfu pastitsada with rooster, the tasty sofrito with veal and the traditional fish soup, the well-known «burdeto». The flavors that combine so harmoniously will enchant you and you will put the island in the «must» destinations. Also, notable local products are kumquat, a type of liqueur that you can also find in spoon sweets or jam, tsitsipira, sycomaids and sweets mandoles and mandolato. The uniqueness of Corfu gastronomy also lies in the combination of Italian elements with Greek local products of the Corfu land. You can try the authentic local flavors in the old town, in Benitses, in the bay of Garitsa and in the village of Kynopiastes.

2. Kefalonia

In Kefalonia, this special Ionian island with natural beauties, you will encounter a rich culinary tradition. Pies, greens and meats characterize the traditional cuisine of Kefalonia, while the Kefalonian meat pie is famous. Distinct Kefalonian dishes are the vegetable tsigaridia, aliada, sofigado and procado, which are worth accompanying with the local wines Robola, Mavrodafni and Moschato.

3. Santorini

In the enchanting Santorini you will encounter an «explosion» of flavors. This unique island with its white alleys and houses on the rocks gazing at the endless blue, the dazzling sunset of Oia and its volcano, has traditional cuisine that will satisfy your palate to the fullest. A characteristic of Santorini cuisine is the fava bean with its velvety and sweet taste. You can try it in numerous variations, since it is also combined with fish, meat and seafood. In addition, remarkable of the santorinian land is the variety of local vegetables that elevate the traditional cuisine, such as white eggplants, zucchini and tomatoes. Do not miss to try meatballs, with whatever ingredients you prefer, such as tomato meatballs and grass meatballs, while you will be enchanted by the varieties of wine produced on the island such as Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mantilaria, Mavrotragano and Vinsanto, a sweet wine with a special aroma.

4. Crete

Crete, in addition to its unique natural landscapes, amazing gorges, deep blue lakes and beaches, has an authentic cuisine for a supreme culinary experience. During your stay on the island, try the famous gamopilafo, the genuine Cretan dako, hochlios, kalitsounia, apaki, lamb with stamnagathi, goat with artichokes, spaghetti sioufichta with dry myzithra and myzithropites. The Cretan land, being gifted and blessed, produces unique products such as olive oil, tsikoudia, cheese products and aromatic plants that are the secrets of the Cretan diet. For cheese lovers, Crete has a variety of options to offer such as myzithra, Chania curd and graviera. And if you don’t know what to eat during the day, choose the Sfakian pies with honey and anthotyro.

5. Epirus

Epirus, this mountainous paradise offers countless culinary options. It is worth combining the walks on the arched bridges and the stone-built villages with the tasting of traditional dishes. The local dishes are unique, since they are produced from pure local products of the region such as yogurts, cheeses and butter. Protagonists in the local cuisine are pies, sweet or savory, with or without phyllo dough. Whatever you try, vegetable pie, cheese pie, mince pie, milk pie, macaroni pie or nettle pie, you will taste the combination of local products and the aromas that emanate. Also, among the exquisite dishes are the lamb in the hull and the wine shank, the kontosouvli and the local sausages, the stewed hare and the wild boar. And of course you won’t be left without dessert. The traditional sweets are unlimited, some of which are Ioannitian kadaifi, Ioannitian baklavadaki, pan sweets and spoon sweets. However, if you prefer something more «light», you can simply try local wines, such as the white wine of Zitsa and the red wine of Metsovo or aged tsipouro.

6. Naxos

Naxos is the perfect choice for an «escape» that will amaze you, since it is the island of the Cyclades that satisfies even the most demanding visitor. The largest and most fertile Cycladic island, in addition to clear blue and crystal beaches, countless alleys, outstanding mountain villages, unique archaeological sites, the hospitality and warmth of the Naxiots, also has a great culinary tradition, which is contributed by the island’s fertile land which continues to supply with pure ingredients the Naxian table. Among the local dishes that put together a feast of flavors, we cannot omit Naxos cheeses such as graviera, xynotiro, kefalotiri, manouri and xynomizithra, the famous Naxos potatoes, the local wine and the local kitro liqueur. Famous dishes are the Apirathi «roast», «sefoukloti» and various seafood such as «gouna», «salatouri» and marinated anchovies. For a sweet treat, try the «Melachrino», a type of walnut pie with lemon.

7. Skyros

Skyros, the largest island of Sporades, will take you on a delightful culinary journey, since its local and traditional cuisine impresses with its quality and simplicity. The dominant ingredient is wild goat, lobster (don’t forget to try the famous lobster pasta) and local fava beans. The island also has an excellent variety of cheeses, while graviera with spicy taste, fresh and dry myzithra and xinotiri stand out. The traditional pies are also unique, such as the ladopita with fluffy dough served with Skirian cheese.

8. Sifnos

Sifnos, the birthplace of Nikos Tselemendes, has many secrets that make a special traditional cuisine. One of them is baking in clay pots, in the wood oven. A famous dish is the mastelo, goat or lamb that is washed with red local wine, flavored with dill, placed on vines and baked in the wood oven, in a ceramic vessel, the «mastelo». Its chickpeas and caper salad are also well known. Don’t forget to try the local cheeses gylomeni manoura, xynomizithra and chloromanoura. This island, therefore, can boast of its enchanting landscapes, countless alleys and beaches, as well as its unique sifnian cuisine!


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