The 4 + 1 Greek beaches for an adrenaline surfing rush



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Are you a fan of the sea, sports, action and intense emotions? All you have to do is try surfing and kite-surfing on the beaches of Greece this summer and autumn, the waves of which may not be Hawaiian, however, the whole scenery, the atmosphere and the contact with the enchanting Greek sea will give you a feeling of freedom extremely refreshing! We suggest you our 5 favourite organized beaches to live unforgettable refreshing experiences whether you know surfing or not!

1) Karpathos: Chicken Bay

The beach Chicken Bay or Makris Gialos located on the windiest island of the Mediterranean, in the bay of Afiartis, will offer you unique surfing adventures. It provides the most favourable conditions for surfing, especially in summer thanks to the north wind Meltemi that blows towards the high mountains of Karpathos.

2) Crete: Falassarna

It is a unique sandy beach, protected by Natura, where the wave, the surfer’s best friend, never stops. It has been awarded as the most beautiful beach in Crete and is ranked among the 10 most beautiful in Europe. It has white fine sand and crystal clear waters.

3) Lemnos: Keros

Experience surfing in one of the top European destinations, the beach of Keros in Lemnos. It is a Natura protected beach, with amazing turquoise waters, with a shallow bay of 3 km, which has the ideal Meltemi for surfers all year round.

4) Naxos: Mikri Vigla

To the southwest of Naxos extends a beach “jewel” of the Aegean. It is sandy, has a length of about 1 km, has beautiful waters and is suitable for all kinds of visitors. More specifically, however, Parthena beach, which is a small bay of 650 meters, is a paradise for surfers thanks to its favourable Meltemia.

5) Peloponnese (Messinia): Voidokilia

It is one of the most “photogenic” on social media beach with exotic beauty, which magnetizes the eye of every visitor, where according to legend Hermes hid the oxen he stole from Apollo. It is protected by Natura and has turquoise waters and golden sand. The beach, thanks to the local ideal winds, is suitable for you to experience the adventure of surfing and to combine many dives, gymnastics and fun.

So get ready for an adrenaline rush, mental stimulation and plenty of refreshing adventure!

Εάν έχετε τουριστικό κατάλυμα στην Ελλάδα και ενδιαφέρεστε για τη διαφήμιση του, επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας

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