5 + 2 beaches of Greece reminiscent of an exotic island

1. Saliara, Thassos

Located in the northern region of Thassos, 7.5km from Limenas, the capital, this enchanting white beach with clear blue and emerald waters and the distinctive green landscape.

2. Kolona, ​​Kythnos

The beach is in the homonymous bay, in the northwestern part of the island, north of the port of Merichas, opposite the beach of Apokrousi. It is a magnificent beach with crystal clear waters, which stands out geomorphologically, since it is a sandy beach, about 250 meters long and 80-100 meters wide that connects the island of Kythnos with the island of Agios Loukas. The sandy strip that connects the two mainlands looks like a column, while the sea rains on both sides of the sandy strip, resulting in two beaches with a sandy beach, which compose this unique setting. At the western end of the column, on the small island, is the church of Agios Loukas.

3. Seychelles, Ikaria

The beach has an interesting history, since it was created several years ago from the landslide of rocks during the opening of a tunnel to create a road to and from the village of Magganitis. Its name is justified because of the clear blue waters, white sand, underwater caves, and imposing rocks. All together compose a special landscape, which is worth visiting.

4. Bella Vraka, Sivota, Thesprotia

The beach connects Sivota with the island of Mourtemeno with a narrow strip of land, so you can visit it on foot passing through the sea, while you can also do water sports. The pink color on the sandy beach, due to the combination of the red soil of the area and the white sand, makes the beach unique and special.

5. Panormos, Skopelos

It is a green pine-covered beach with crystal clear blue waters and pebbles. From the natural and charming port of Blo, next to Panormos, you can admire an idyllic sunset that will be etched in your memory.

6. Lichadonissia, Evia

This lush paradise with its turquoise waters and golden sand is waiting for you to visit it immediately. For the eclectic, the small Seychelles of Evia hide an interesting mythological past. Specifically, Hercules’s wife, Dianeira, thinking that she was deceived, sent him through Lichas a poisoned tunic. When Hercules put on his tunic, he began to suffer from the pain, grabbed the servant and threw him into the sea. Its members fell around Cape Kinaio, where Poseidon transformed them into small islands, the Lichadonis. In fact, the islets emerged from a volcano, while a large part of them sank by an earthquake that occurred in 426 BC. Lichades or Lichadonissia is a cluster of 7 small islands northwest of Evia between Maliakos and the Northern Gulf of Evia. They are located between the settlement of Lichada on the side of Evia and Kamena Vourla on the side of Fthiotida. The largest island of the complex is called Manolia, it is overgrown and there is a beach with turquoise waters.

7. Vai, Lasithi

The beautiful homonymous palm forest of Crete, the largest on the island, has a long sandy beach in front of it. Vai was “discovered” by hippies who were expelled from Matala and were looking for a new refuge. The exotic beach, an oasis in the “desert” of eastern Crete, bears the Blue Flag and is located 24 km east of Sitia.


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