Romantic getaways in Greece

1. Monemvasia

Where nature rages with colors and sounds, a place straight out of fairy tales, with castles and medieval walls, is the place that leaves no visitor unmoved. Monemvasia, built on a promontory, at the edge of the Peloponnese, is a well-preserved castle-state, whose atmosphere is unimaginable. Small churches, mansions and cobbled streets surround it, all ready for you to explore with your partner for romantic walks. Every corner of Monemvasia hides surprises with alternating emotions, since you can gaze at the inexhaustible beauty of the Aegean or admire the haughty medieval charm.

2. Areopolis

This historical and traditional settlement of Laconia, which is an ode to natural beauty, is also suitable to create the romantic atmosphere you are looking for. Walking among the narrow cobbled streets, tower houses and small churches, you will realize that the value of life is not in the grandeur, but in the simple moments you can enjoy with your loved ones. What better way than to find this out in a place of beauty. It is also worth visiting the seaside Limeni, a picturesque village with stone scenery and crystal clear blue waters at the same time, which seems fake.

3. Nafplio

The irresistible city of Peloponnese has remained unscathed by time, being an ideal destination for lovers as well. Alleys, pedestrian streets, unique architecture, restored mansions, the beach front, the Venetian castles, Akronafplia, Bourtzi and Palamidi are elements that make Nafplio stand out. Be sure to take a stroll through the picturesque Syntagma Square and climb the steps to Palamidi, to enjoy the unique view of the city, which looks like a painting.

4. Galaxidi

A place with an unchanged identity will “awaken” you every beautiful feeling. Through a verdant green mountain route, you will end up in a fishing village built on a creek, reminiscent of an island. When in Galaxidi, the eye travels with the place’s palette of colors. Wander around the perimeter of the port, enjoy its maritime architecture and take a walk in the Pera Panda forest.

5. Trikala

The picturesque city of Thessaly embodies in its bosom countless beauties. Trikala is ideal to “enliven” your love with the treasures that hides. You can walk with your loved one along the shores of Letheon or enjoy a romantic boat ride, while listening to the rustling of leaves and admiring the swans, the iconic Central Bridge and the Asclepius Bridge waterfall. Climb up to the Byzantine Castle and enjoy the view that stretches to Agrafa, the Pindos mountain range and Meteora or wander through the alleys of the old town. Even a simple ride with the yellow bikes will help you get to know Trikala and love the city.

6. Pelion

Pelion with its incredible charm harmoniously combines traditional architecture with the scent of nature and has the necessary elements for an unforgettable trip for two. Visit the picturesque villages of Pelion, such as Makrinitsa with its inexhaustible nature or Tsagarada with its century-old plane trees and running waters. On this romantic getaway, you could not miss the hike on the way of the Centaurs and the ride on Mountzouris, the cog train of Pelion.

7. Thessaloniki

The stately and vibrant city that combines everything could not fail to be an ideal destination for lovers. Take your walk by the sea, on the waterfront of Thermaikos gulf, along Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki with the famous “Umbrellas” up to the White Tower. For something more “quiet”, you can head to Kalamaria beach, on the eastern side of the city overlooking the sea and the traditional fishermen’s boats. Visit the Castles, which will take you back in time with the old fortification walls of the city that remain intact and offer a unique view of the city. In Ano Poli you will admire the traditional mansions of its inhabitants and the only surviving Byzantine Bath.

8. Corfu

A jumble of worlds and cultures, the Ionian island is taken from another era, when romance and love had something authentic and selfless. Its Venetian aura and its indescribable charm are pervasive in every part of Corfu. Explore the castles, the palaces, the royal gardens, Liston and Spianada Square on this romantic excursion. However, don’t forget to enjoy your evening walk around the romantic cantons and the picturesque corners of the Old Town, where beauty “overflows” under the gentle caress of the moon.

9. Rhodes

The Dodecanese island with its medieval aura and unbridled romance will make you fall in love with your partner over again. The walk in the Old Medieval Town, between the castles and the cobbled alleys looks like a fairytale setting, creates unprecedented feelings and makes the visitor imagine that knights will emerge from some corner to heroically claim their beloved. Among other things, on the island you can enjoy the special view from the acropolis of Lindos, below which is the amazing beach of Agios Pavlos. Whichever part of Rhodes you visit, the only certain thing is that you will realize it is a place that nature has endowed with all its greatness.

10. Santorini

When hearing love and romance, the mind travels to the island – jewel of the Cyclades that no one could but praise. From the magical view of Caldera everyone realizes that there nature, which is primary in our lives, has flourished. Nature surrounds us with its inexhaustible wealth, calms us and helps us discover every beautiful and pure feeling. Nature, therefore, is what has created the unique setting of Santorini, the island of passion, the ultimate destination for couples. Santorini hides in every corner landscapes of unparalleled beauty, treasures that you will discover while walking on the beaches with the volcanic colors, around the island houses in the picturesque Oia, in Fira and Imerovigli, in the traditional village of Pyrgos or the lighthouse of Akrotiri, from where you will gaze at the endless blue of the Aegean. The kiss of nature, however, is found above all in the enchanting and unrepeatable sunsets of Santorini, which are imprinted in the memory of every visitor.


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