It is worth visiting the great archeological findings that exist in the Cultural Center of Megalochori.


The Lake is a beautiful and picturesque wetland that used to be salty. A small communication channel to the sea has been opened to renew its waters.
Around the Lake there is a dirt road, about 800 meters, with which we can explore the lake and the area.
It is an idyllic area, with rich pine vegetation, located on the road that crosses Limenaria to Aponisos.


In Agistri you can find natural harbors of unparalleled beauty, windless coves, sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages and lush vegetation, dominated by pine trees that reach the sea. The road is passable, the distances are very short and you can visit them easily and quickly with a means of transport.
Skala is a large, sandy beach, with golden sand, crystal clear shallow waters. It is located just 100 meters from the port, on the northeast coast of the island. The organized beach of Skala gathers most people and many families because the sea is shallow and safe for children.
To the left of Skala, following the coastal road above the port, southeast, one meets the famous rocky beach of Skliri.
Continuing, after a fairy-tale route through the pines, we end after 500 meters, in a natural blue bay with thick pebbles and crystal clear waters, in the enchanting Halikiada. From one point onwards access is difficult and is only possible on foot, therefore great care is required. The sea there at the beginning is shallow and after 5 meters it becomes quite deep.
To the right of Skala, going west, the coastal road leads us, after 15 minutes on foot, about 2 km, to Megalochori or Mylos, which has a very nice beach for swimming, with pebbles and sand. Megalochori is the capital and largest settlement of the island.
Between Skala and Megalochori, on the mountain slope, is Metochi, a beautiful, picturesque and very cool village with panoramic views, which can be approached either from Skala or Megalochori with a detour from the coastal road.
The coastal road after Megalochori turns to the south and passes parallel to the beach, at a distance from it passing through a dense forest and meeting beautiful coves with clear blue waters.
With a detour we reach the impressive, sandy beach of Mikri and Megali Dragonera, which has crystal clear, shallow waters and pines that reach the sea. Access is easy and is via an asphalt road.
The road continues to the south, crosses the island and after Polemi we reach the traditional village of Limenaria and the picturesque port of Mareza, which is 200 meters from Limenaria.
Mareza is a rocky beach, embraced by pine trees, with deep crystal clear waters, to which access is easy by any means of transport.
After Limenaria the road turns to the west and we reach a magical location, Aponisos, with the pines adorning its beach, which ends in small flat rocks. The impressive combination of colors and the sea transports you to exotic places, giving you moments of relaxation and calm. From Aponisos we can admire the idyllic sunset of the Saronic Gulf.
North of the beach of Aponisos we face the deserted beaches of Magiza and Bariama. Further on we meet the largest island, the picturesque Dorousa, which is worth visiting.
Agistri is a small island, without high altitudes. Visitors who are lovers of hiking can make special trips, on amazing paths, in the fairy-tale forest of the island.
Agistri, overgrown with greenery, with a pristine beauty, water sports on its crystal clear beaches, with crystal clear blue waters, with tourist infrastructure and nightlife, attracts more and more people, who visit the island again and again.


Agistri is ideal for water tourism activities including swimming, wind-surfing, kayaking, water skiing and fishing (and spearfishing)


Agioi Anargyroi: This is a white with a blue dome, imposing Church that makes an impression on Skala, and celebrates the 1st of July.
Zoodochos Pigi: It is the Metropolis of the island, located in Megalochori and it is worth visiting for the unique murals that exist in it. It celebrates Easter Friday, where a festival is held.
The Churches of Agion Panton and Agios Theodoros: They are located above Megalochori, 10 minutes walk, in a pine forest. They are kept alive over the years and invite the visitor to get to know the roots of the island, Kantoudi, the old village of Agistri, that is, what is left of the oldest settlement of Agistri.
Panagia in Metochi: It is located in Metochi and you can visit it on foot. When you reach the Church, the view will enchant you. It celebrates the 15th of August and becomes a big festival.
Saint Barbara in Polemi: It is located in Polemi and in the old Church of Saint Barbara, Saint Nektarios was fortunate to be consecrated.
The Church of Agia Kyriaki: It is located in Limenaria and celebrates on July 7, a day when a big festival takes place.
Agios Nikolaos: Located outside Limenaria, 10 minutes walk, on the road to the impressive beach of Aponisos.


Every year a sailing race is organized, from Faliro to Agistri and again to Faliro.
The route from Faliro to Agistri Mill is 20 nautical miles. Cups are awarded in the area in front of the port of Mylos, for the first race.
The municipality of Agistri has also established an annual cycling tour on the island.

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