The flavors of the Ionian Islands


Corfu with its inexhaustible beauty is ready to offer you culinary surprises. It is particularly famous for its pastitsada, sofrito and burdeto, while after your afternoon stroll through the noble alleys, it is especially worth stopping to try sweet dishes such as mandolato, fogaccia and mandoles.


In the lordess of the Ionian Islands, with the emerald waters next to verdant landscapes, in addition to impressive places and hospitable people, you will find a cuisine rich in traditional and delicious dishes. Try the unique meat pie, tsigarida, strapatsada and the famous bakaliaropita. The island also has a variety of sweets such as mandoles, pancakes with honey or diples with nuts.


The “Fioro of Levante” according to the Venetians, with its irresistible charm and all the shades of blue on the beaches, is a place with a deep history and culture and full with unique traditional flavors. Well-known foods of the island are polpetes, potatoes or legume yachni, Sgatzeto and tsilikurda. Don’t forget to try the local sweet fitura, traditional gklaunes and pumpkin pie.


The island where the eye travels while looking at the beaches with the clear blue, crystal waters will surprise you with the local dishes it has. It offers, among other things, frygadelia, kolokythokorfades, cuttlefish with spinach, maridopita, egg pie, the well-known sofigado and tsigaridia, while your main meals will be complemented by kydonopasto, oil pies and oil rolls.


Ithaca, unscathed by time, with its beautiful beaches and raging nature, stands out for its good food, with obvious influences from the Venetian period. Its cuisine is characterized by the use of herbs such as rosemary and thyme, while many traditional foods are cooked in the tserepa, a clay pot. Do not forget to try lamb with klimatses, the sofigado and the braised lamb or goat ragout. Complete your meal with rovani, the local sweet made from rice, oil and honey.


On the island of Aphrodite, full of gorges, sea caves and waterfalls with turquoise waters, you will find a culinary paradise. The traditional tables of Kythera offer Tsirigotiko sausage, rusks, kakavia, lobster pasta and local meats cooked in wine. The meal ends with fatourada, the drink that is made from tsipouro, cloves and cinnamon, melounia, koumara and butino.


Paxoi with the cosmopolitan air, full vegetation and unique crystal beaches also has local culinary delights reminiscent of the neighboring Corfu. The main dishes of the island are tsiligourdopita and trigonia with artichokes and beans. Pastitsada, sofrito and bakaliaros yachni also stand out from the rich list of dishes.


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